Harley Designer Memory Foam Ring Cushion Pressure Relief from Piles

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Harley Designer Memory Foam Ring Cushion suitable for clients who suffer from haemorrhoids (piles) or post operative trauma. Its moulded visco elastic memory foam conforms to the body and moulds as you move reducing pressure points. This ring cushion provides increased comfort and allows users to sit for longer periods without interrupting blood flow as it responds to to temperature and weight to reduce pressure. In 42cm in diameter and 9cm high. It comes with a fitted, non removable white cover as standard.

  • Memory foam ring cushion
  • Suitable for clients who suffer with haemorrhoids or post operative trauma
  • Moulds as you move providing pressure relief
  • Can sit for longer periods of time
  • 42cm in diameter
  • 9cm high
  • Comes with fitted, non-removable white cover as standard