3 Packs of 8 Abena Wet Wash Gloves and 3 x Shampoo Caps with Conditioner For Bed Baths


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A combination pack containing 3 Waterless Shampoo Caps and 3 Packs of 8 Wet Wash Gloves for Bed Baths.

Ideal for bathing bed bound patients without the need of water. Details of each product below.

-Abena Disposable Shampoo Cap with Conditioner

The Abena Disposable Shampoo cap with conditioner is a rinse free personal care aid ideal for use at home, in nursing care or where access to water is limited. Especially suitable for those who find it difficult to wash their hair alone.

Can be used at room temperature, or heated in the microwave in it's packaging for 15-20 seconds at temperatures below 40°c. It is important to make sure the cap is not too warm before being placed on the head.

The cap contains both shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and condition, and with 0% parabens & perfume it is scent free.

Directions of use:

1. Place cap on the head

2. Massage the hair through the cap for 2-3 minutes

3. No need for rinsing

4. Once used, dispose of cap

5. Leave hair to dry naturally or style as required

-Abena Wet Wash Gloves Unscented - 3 Packs of 8

These Abena wet wash gloves are a quick and convenient solution to provide a complete body washing without using water. One pack of 8 gloves is enough to provide one whole body wash. An ideal solution to stay clean and hygienic when confined to bed. The wash gloves minimise the risk of auto-infection and skin damage. Easy to dispose of after use.

• One pack of 8 wash gloves provides one full body wash

• Make patient feel cleaner fresher and more comfortbale in bed

• Reduces risk of auto-infection and skin damage

• pH neutral

• 0% parabens and perfume

• Dermatologically tested

• Can be microwaved according to pack instructions

For an optimal wash:

1. Face neck and chest

2. Right arm, armpit and side of body

3. Left arm, armpit and side of body

4. Front - intimate area

5. Right leg and foot

6. Left leg and foot

7. Back- upper

8. Back - intimate area

Dispose of gloves after use.