How to Fit Solid Wheelchair Castor Tyres

How to Fit Solid Wheelchair Castor Tyres

Posted by Forest Mobility on 12th May 2017

One of the most common questions we get asked is: "How do I fit Solid Castor Tyres?" The reason for this is that without the right help they seem to be impossible to fit. Solid Castor tyres are typically around 20mm smaller before they are fitted, which leads us to the second most common question: "Why have we been sent the wrong size tyre?"

This blog post has been designed to help you with this but please feel free to contact us if you are still having issues.

So let's start first of all with the reason that the tyre is smaller before fitting. The reason for this is that if the tyre was too easy to get on it would also come off the rim too easily. To stop this from happening the tyre needs to be a tight fit. Thankfully Solid Castor Tyres are also designed to stretch kind of like a giant rubber band. So how do you go about fitting them? To help with this we have made the following short video:

You will note that when we fit tyres we do not use washing liquid or heat them up. Whilst this may help, we find it much quicker and obviously it takes far fewer steps to put them on straight away. However whilst the above video is how we fit them it is just a suggestion and you may find a different technique works better for you.

These are the steps we take:

1)Secure the tyre to the rim using a cable tie

2)Secure the wheel using a vice or G-clamp. If you don’t have a Clamp then you can use your foot, but please be careful when doing this.

3)Using a strong tyre lever, work your way gradually around the rim until the tyre is fitted

4)Check that the tyre is fully seated all the way round.

To find the products featured in this video please click on the following link:

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In our next blog post we will be showing you how to fit larger Solid Wheelchair Tyres. To see this Click Here