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Disposable Baby Changing Mats pads 60x90cm per 30 Sheets and potty training bed Pads

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Abena Abri-Soft Superdry Disposable Bed Pads 60x90cm per 30 Sheets. These disposable incontinence bed protector mats are a high quality fluff pulp bed pad with diamond embossing for a rapid absorbancy of liquids. Fully sealed, with no plastic edges exposed to the skin, these Abri-Soft bed incontinence pads ensure optimum patient comfort and provide maximum protection. These 60x90cm absorbant pads are ideal for use at home and in nursing care where mattress protection from incontinence is needed. Can also be used an excellent disposable baby changing mat for home or travelling.

  • Disposable Abena Abri-Soft Superdry Bed Pads per 30 sheets
  • Measure 60x90cm
  • Ideal for use with adult incontinence at home or in nursing care
  • Can also be used as disposable baby changing sheets

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